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Exclusive Costa Rican 5-star experience, high-end Pacific ocean-view rentals, luxury villas, extravagant amenities, premium properties, all-inclusive concierge packages, Playa Hermosa, exclusive sunset vacation Exclusive Costa Rican 5-star experience, high-end Pacific ocean-view rentals, luxury villas, extravagant amenities, premium properties, all-inclusive concierge packages, Playa Hermosa, exclusive sunset vacation Costa Rican experience all-inclusive, semi-inclusive and standard package include daily maid service Liberia International Airport transfer concierge service private chef breakfast lunch dinner open bar premium liquor Costa Rican experience spa massage national parks nightlife grocery banks Four Seasons golf restaurants fitness surfing deep sea sport fishing scuba diving white water rafting jet ski zip line Guanacsate ATV excursions Costa Rican experience high-end luxury premium property vacation rental Liberia International Airport transfer Playa Hermosa Four Seasons Villa Cocobolo Peninsula Papagayo secluded beaches Pacific ocean view Costa Rican experience high-end luxury premium villa rental property Frequently Asked Questions Liberia International Airport car SUV rental passport driver’s license exclusive all-inclusive packages Contact us for more information on Loro Cala Costa Rican high-end luxury premium property vacation rental experience with exclusive all-inclusive concierge packages extravagant amenities Pacific ocean views
Frequently asked questions about the premium vacation rental properties offered by the Loro Cala Costa Rican Experience

If you don’t find the answers to any of your questions, feel free to contact us, and we can answer your questions directly.

Why should I rent a luxury villa rather than stay in a resort hotel?
Although individuals have differing preferences, Loro Cala’s clientele typically prefer the privacy associated with a luxury villa. The private pool and kitchen allow our visitors to have a more personal experience.

What services are provided with Loro Cala?
We offer 24-hour concierge services as well as daily maid service. Our concierge will coordinate your airport transfers, activities and tours as well as and other necessities you have have. We also offer the access to a private chef and/or bartender to if desired. 

Should I tip the Loro Cala staff?
Usually a 15%-20% gratuity is appreciated, but a tip is not required.

How far away is the airport?
The Liberia International airport is a short 20-minutes drive to the area.

Where can we buy groceries?
The Automercado is only 10 minutes from Hermosa in Playas del Coco, and it is setup just like typical North American grocery stores. For the basics, there is a small supermarket in Hermosa as well.

Are there many restaurants in the area?
There are a host of options from small family-run restaurants to fine dining located just 10 minutes from Hermosa, and there are restaurants to accommodate any taste, from Italian and French to seafood and typical Costa Rican fare.

Do I need a car?
We recommend renting a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get around on your own schedule and run any errands.

Do I need an international driver’s license?
No. Visitors may use a valid U.S. driver’s license for up to three months.

Is it safe to drive in Costa Rica?
The roads around Playa Hermosa, Liberia and the surrounding areas are well maintained for tourism purposes, however, many of the rural roads are unpaved and can be difficult to navigate. We always recommend a 4-wheel drive vehicle to ensure you’re able to travel anywhere you desire. 

Are the local beaches safe for swimming?
Very definitely. Many of the local beaches are in a bay, which is a protected reef making the surf very calm. There are little to no riptide currents found at other beaches around the world, however, there are no lifeguards, and people are responsible for themselves and their belongings. Please keep money and other personal items like passports in the car or another safe place.

What should I pack?
Costa Rica is very casual and laid back so there isn't much formal attire. Even upscale restaurants have relaxed standards of dress. Be sure to bring hiking or walking shoes for any of the activities you choose. The country is filled with adventure and rainforests that feature volcanoes, hot springs and waterfalls, not to mention the wildlife.

Do cell phones work in Costa Rica?
Some carriers have coverage in Playa Hermosa and the surrounding area, but check with your carrier for an official footprint.

What currency does Costa Rica use, and are ATMs available? Can we use credit cards?
The Costa Rican currency is the Colon, named after Christopher Columbus, and although the exchange rate varies, typically 500 Colones equal 1 US dollar. That being said, the US dollar and credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country, and ATMS are available in most areas in need be. Note: As a result of counterfeiting, $100 bills with serial numbers CB are not accepted by banks or other local establishments.

How can I exchange Money?
Every bank will allow you to change your currency into Colones, but the bank at the Liberia airport is the most convenient. Here you can exchange money and pay your exit tax (you will need your passport).

When do I pay my departure tax?
The departure tax can be paid at the airport using your passport. Most people pay this just before their departure from Costa Rica, and it often creates a bottleneck at the bank and long lines. Since you can pay the departure tax anytime, it’s best to pay it as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica or any other time during your vacation.

How rainy is the rainy season?
Typically the rainy season starts in May and runs through mid November. Although it rains every day, the majority of the day is sunny and short showers are frequent in the late afternoon. In the event of a thunderstorm, the following day is often followed by complete sunshine. Playa Hermosa and the surrounding area actually receive more sun than anywhere else in the country.

Do I need an electrical adaptor to plug into outlets?
No. All outlets are 110V with standard U.S. two-pronged plugs.

Is the water safe to drink?
The water is completely safe to drink.  The water is potable in all parts of the country, but it’s a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you to prevent dehydration.

Is Costa Rica safe?
Costa Rica is extremely safe. The country does have some crime but substantially less than the U.S. and other parts of the world. Typically it’s only petty theft or personal belongings. Violent crime is exceedingly rare, and you should have no reservations about walking safely at night.

What about medical services?
Emergency medical services are located 10 minutes from Hermosa, and there is a full-service hospital in Liberia.  There is currently another full-service hospital under construction even closer to Hermosa.

What health precautions should I take?
There are no health requirements for visiting the Costa Rica, but the Centers for Disease Control offers recommendations for certain vaccinations.